Leroy Steinbacher
Technical Communication Design
Electronic Publishing

One of the benefits of XML authoring is the ability to transform or publish one set of source files to various types of documents, such as HTML, Online Help, PDF, or RTF. This gives you to ability to cater to the needs of your audience. Your content can be viewed as a website, a help file, a printable file that can be viewed online or emailed, or a text file that can be inported into a MS Word environment.

Our E-publishing toolkit leverages open source sollutions.

XSL Processors - An XSL processor is the software that transforms an XML file into formatted output.

  • XSLT Processors: Saxon
  • XSL-FO Processors: FOP

DITA Open Toolkit
WinAnt Echidna: DITA XML publisher

Example E-Publishing Documentation: This document describes how to publish DocBook XML to various output types.