Leroy Steinbacher
Technical Communication Design
Technical Writing

Do you need a User Manual, Start-up Guide, or Help to support your products? Do you need Standard Operating Procedures or content for Online Learning? If so, our technical writing services are here to meet your needs.

We create structured documentation that relies on metadata, or tags, to identify and organize content. These tags essentially make the information "smart" - not just content, but content that is placed within a context of how it will be used, how it should look, and where it can be found within a document.

There are two XML standards that we use to create this structure - DITA XML and DocBook XML.


  • Task related instruction writing
  • Information based on topics
  • Reference items that are easily accessed and commonly reused throughout a document

DocBook XML

  • More traditional aspects of creating a book with parts that are meant to be read in a linear fashion
  • Uses Chapter, Section and Paragraph elements
Example documentation using DocBook XML: This example DocBook file was written in XMLmind and published to HTML.